Monday, January 13, 2020

Preparing to full-time RV... in a few years.

Lindsay and Matt Mackie in Willis Tower, Chicago 2013.
We have been working on starting our great life adventure for quite a while and we still have several years to go. In the meantime, we are going to try to make some sort of adventure out of the little things that we enjoy doing. I'm not talking about skydiving, or mountain climbing, or the adrenaline rush that many people seek. I'm talking about experiences that make us happy. Instead of collecting what I call "crap," we have decided to share experiences together. We have decided that we are done buying "stuff" unless it is useful in accomplishing our goal.

Our ultimate goal is to go full-time RVing in 2023. You may ask, "Why not now? If it's all about experiences and adventures, be spontaneous!" Unfortunately, now isn't the right time for us. Our son, who is a sophomore, is very active in sports and he should be one place during the school year. But we take him on long trips to see the USA in the summer. We have traveled from Minnesota to Kansas City, Arkansas, other parts of Missouri, southwest and the panhandle of Texas, New Mexico, Dodge City, Chicago, Ohio, and other places in between.

Lindsay, Matt, and Preston in the Chicago Bean, 2019.
Another reason we haven't embarked on our full-time journey is that I love my job (there are so few people who are able to say that)!! I am a high school teacher who instructs history, psychology, and sociology. I love what I do and I want to keep doing it. When we are getting ready to full-time, I will try to find an online teaching job so that I can work remotely.
Matt and I may not be full-time yet, but we love to share experiences and travel in our 1998 Georgie Boy Maverick Class C motorhome. We assume that we will start out full-time in "Georgie Ann" and we are in the process of remodeling her. In the meantime, we will summer travel, camp locally, and jump in the Jeep for local trips. We love to look for local places to grab some good food anytime we leave the house for the day. Please make suggestions of places we should eat when we reach your neck of the woods. The more local the better for us!

We hope you will keep an eye on our Instagram @adventuresoverobjects for before and after pictures and videos. We are also in the long, drawn-out (for us) process of downsizing. Please subscribe to our blog and Instagram to see our version of getting ready to live life on the road.
Georgie Ann...our 1998 Georgie Boy Maverick.
Author: Lindsay

Brody and Indy: Our awesome camping Aussies!!


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